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Reference to UBI Consulting projects

Energy Sector

Main power networks, overhead, medium and low voltage power transmission lines, HPP, TPP, TPP, distribution substations and transformers, as well as renewable energy sources(solar / wind / bio). 


1 WB, Electric Distribution Network Modernization project,, 11-2015
2 WB, Extended Electricity Record Project , 01-2015
3 ADB,  Advanced Electricity Metering Project, 2013
4 MURC, Central Asian and Caucasus Energy Efficiency Study, 2013
5 WB, Improvement Energy Efficiency Project in different industrial enterprises, 2016
6 ADB,  Karaganda District Heating Network Rehabilitation project, 2013
7 Uzbekenergo, Preparation of  tender documentation  for the Project of Construction Angren Thermal Station, 2012
8 ADB,  Preparation of  the Central Asia–South Asia Regional Electricity Market Project, 2007
9 IMOE , Study of Renewable (Solar) Energy Industry, 2010
10 PWC, Study of Energy Sector of  Uzbekistan, 2017
11 ADB,  Preparation of tender documents for construction of CCGT project  for Talimarjan Thermal Power Plant, 2010
12  IMOE,  Central Asian Energy Sector Study, 12-2010

Health care and pharmacy

Health care and social protection (increase in potential in social sector and health, technical assistance in health care reform), registration of drugs, medical products, dietary supplements, cosmetics and veterinary products. Marketing and branding.


1 Medecins Sans Frontieres, SEIKO, RUSEURO Pharm, CIAN Healthcare, Sanjivani Parenteral,  Regulative Support in registration of  Medical and Pharm products, 2011
2 WB and DFID,  Central Asia Regional One Health Project , 04-2011
3 Pharmaceutical Sector Development under Health-2 and Woman and Child Health Development , 07-2007
4 Development of Pharmaceutical Materials Production and Assessment of  Local Pharmaceutical Market , 02-2006
5 Development of Pharmaceutical Materials Production and Assessment of  Local Pharmaceutical Market , 08-2005
6 Pharmaceutical Regulatory Support Project in Medical, Pharm, Veterinary and Cosmetic Products for different enterprises , 2009-2016


Water Supply and sewerage infrastructure, sewage purification works and reservoirs, water distribution center and water intake structure, etc;


1 ADB, Investment program of Water Supply and Sanitation Service-Support in project realization and technical supervision
2 SECO, Syrdarya Water Supply Project, 04-2015
3 ADB , PPTA Water Supply and Sanitation Investment Support , 11-2013
4 EBRD, North Tajik Water Rehabilitation II Project - Feasibility Study  II, 2012
5 ADB, Developing Strategic Urban Assessments, 09-2009
6 ADB, Surkhandarya Water Supply and Sanitation Project (Loan 2466) 12-2009
7 ADB, Water Supply and Sewage Services, TA 42849-01-UZB, 05-2009


Highway, railway, flyover and roads, traffic interchanges, overpasses, bridges, pedestrian crossings and etc

1 JBIC / JICA,  Study of Assessment  of rehabilitation of the road network in Western Kazakhstan JICA  Project, 09-2010

ADB, Project Management Consultant for CAREC  (Taraz - Korday) ADB Loan No.2503, 12- 2009 Etc.


Education and training in the sphere of social and humanitarian sciences, fundamental and applied research, assistance in employment and gender equality. Implementation of innovative research methods and support of initiatives in science, culture and education, as well as in the development plan of small and medium-sized business, competitiveness and entrepreneurship. Strengthening of state and social structures, which provides long-term development of projects in the education and health sectors, socio-economical directions related to human resources

MB,  Development  of  Funding Methodology per capita in TVET system and the implementation of experimental calculations 10-2013 JB

2 IC / JICA, Senior Secondary Education Project, 09-2008
3 ADB, Basic education for special needs project , 01-2008

Europaid, Business education development project  in Central Asia, 02-2004

5 Evaluation of Japanese Cultural Grant Assistance for Japanese Language Education Programs for Samarkand Foreign Languages Institute Project , 11-2011, etc.
6 MB, Development of  the Potential of General Education directors, 05-2016


Irrigation and melioration, environmental protection, rational use of natural resources; agricultural infrastructure, veterinary and cattle production, healthy diet and food security, sustainable socio-economical development of rural areas, rural entrepreneurship microfinance.


ADB,  Sector Strategy for Water resource  in Azerbaijan, 03-2014

ADB, Sector Strategy of water resources in Central and West Asia, TA 45353-001 REG, 04-2012

JIRCAS, Management of Leaching Experiment №2, 11-2011

ADB,  Reform of the Policy in the Food Grain Subsector, 02-2006

JIRCAS, Management of Land leveling experiment in the Research Project on Measures against Farmland Damage from Salinization, 2010


JIRCAS, Implementation of Participatory Rural Appraisal on Fertilization, 12-2009

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