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UBI Consulting services
Consulting and Management in design, construction and exploitation of infrastructure objects /projects
  • Development of infrastructure / Investment projects
  • TEO/Business plans
  • Management of investment project implementation
  • Engineering, including:
  • Design
  • Cost estimate documentation
  • Construction supervision
  • Construction expertise (Inspection)
  • Work with  executive documentation
  • Consulting and expertise for environmental requirements, labor protection, etc.
  • Environmental Audit / Environmental Monitoring
  • EIS / EIA
Consulting in the field of socio-economical development and education
  • Implementation of innovative science methods in development of small and medium-sized business, competitiveness and entrepreneurship.
  • Consulting for project development in education and health sectors, socio-economical trends related to human resources, ethnic issues, social class and migration.
  • Consulting for training improvement in the social and liberate sciences, basic and applied research, assistance in employment and gender equality. 
Translation services for investment companies and projects (Translation Group)
  • Translation of documents of different classification
  • Simultaneous translation;
  • Consecutive translation;
  • Сопровождение делегаций и отдельных лиц
Consulting in the agricultural sphere
  • Development and improvement of agricultural infrastructure systems (water, land reclamation, drainage, etc.), crop production, live stock and veterinary medicine.
  • Sustainable socio-economical development of village territory, microfinance of  rural business.
  • Analysis  Financial Risk Management
  • Microfinance and poverty reduction
  • Regulation of bank activities, restructuring, creation of a favorable investment climate
  • Competitive Analysis
Import and export, distribution activity (Exim Pro)
  • Wholesale
  • Official distributon:
  • Packaged, vessel, tank equipment.
  • waste treatment facilities and its accessories.
  • covered electro-contact  manometers
  • Waste heat boiler, cooling ball valves
Consulting on health care and pharmacy (Pharm Group)
  • Registration of drugs, medical equipment, food supplements, cosmetic products and veterinary drugs, plus  medical and technological support
  • Consulting for marketing, conduction of advertising companies and the formation of (branding, reputation, corporate culture)
  • Consulting and expertise in the field of Business Process Management
Energy industry

Main power networks, overhead, medium and low voltage power transmission lines, HPP, TPP, TPP, distribution substations and transformers, as well as renewable energy sources(solar / wind / bio). 

Water Supply and sewerage infrastructure, sewage purification works and reservoirs, water distribution center and water intake structure, etc;
Oil and gas

Infrastructure development of oil and gas fields, construction of main pipelines, roads and driveways of refineries of compressor stations, central assembly destinations and etc

Highway, railway, flyover and roads, traffic interchanges, overpasses, bridges, pedestrian crossings and etc

Irrigation and melioration, environmental protection, rational use of natural resources; agricultural infrastructure, veterinary and cattle production, healthy diet and food security, sustainable socio-economical development of rural areas, rural entrepreneurship microfinance.
Education and socio-economical development

Education and training in the sphere of social and humanitarian sciences, fundamental and applied research, assistance in employment and gender equality. Implementation of innovative research methods and support of initiatives in science, culture and education, as well as in the development plan of small and medium-sized business, competitiveness and entrepreneurship. Strengthening of state and social structures, which provides long-term development of projects in the education and health sectors, socio-economical directions related to human resources

Realization of laboratory research

To carry out the laboratory researches for impact of industrial emissions and pollution of soil, natural water and air with different types of waste, etc. UBI Consulting cooperates with the following laboratories:

Name of laboratory


Research area


Chui Ecological Laboratory

Kyrgyz Republic

Industrial Ecology, radiometric studies


National Testing Laboratory LLP, Research and Production Center "Kazecology"


Industrial Ecology


Laboratory of  radiological testing of Institute of Applied Physics at the National University of  Uzbekistan

Czech Republic

Radiological studies and so forth.


Specialized Inspection of Analytical Control of the Tashkent City Committee for Nature Protection (SSIAC)


Industrial Ecology, Environmental Monitoring


Hydrochemical Laboratory of GEOtest A.S.

Czech Republic

Hydro chemical testing soil samples, soil and water.


Laboratory of Soil Mechanics of the company GEOtest S.A.

Czech Republic

Physical and mechanical study of soils


The test laboratory of the Czech Institute for Accreditation

Czech Republic

Studies of water, soil, food, bio-materials, etc


Laboratory of the Caspian Integrated Environmental Monitoring of Ministry of Ecology of Azerbaijan   


Industrial Ecology, Environmental Monitoring   


Laboratory of  Pollution Monitoring Department of the National Environmental Protection Agency of Georgia    


Industrial Ecology, Environmental Monitoring    


Laboratory of the State institution 'National Center of analytical control in the field of environmental protection'


Industrial Ecology, Environmental Monitoring   


Laboratory of Industrial Ecology of  'Research Institute of Work Safety' PI FTIUR

Russian Federation

Industrial Ecology, Environmental Monitoring, Work safety   


Laboratory of 'Center for monitoring of environmental impacts' of the Ministry of Nature Protection of the


Industrial Ecology, Environmental Monitoring   

Health care and pharmacy

Health care and social protection (increase in potential in social sector and health, technical assistance in health care reform), registration of drugs, medical products, dietary supplements, cosmetics and veterinary products. Marketing and branding.
Communication technology

Inter-sectorial support in project implementation of modern communication technologies
Water supply and sanitation

Water legislation and regulation, design, construction and supervision  over the work performance and commissioning of water infrastructure objects, water supply and sewerage systems, urban, rural and industrial plants for waste water purification (chlorination, UV irradiation), efficient use of rain water, tariffing, rationalization and business planning of service utility, etc..

Analysis of financial sector, financial risk management, microfinance, poverty reduction, analysis of social impact, regulation of bank functioning, restructuring, creation of a favorable investment climate, comparative analysis of competitive ability
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